Beautiful Woman

Beautiful women have always been hard to find!
She believes its her body but the search is for a mind.
Mindless beauty, an oxymoron don’t you think, her mind and her heart are searched top to bottom, what a rare find of a beautiful soul, this she radiates from the core to her ever so beautiful surface.
Beauty isn’t skin deep, somebody lied
For to find beauty, true beauty, one would have to search The throne in heaven, to find the heart and mind of a beautiful woman.

Guess a heart that resides with a mind, results in beauties of life.

~Angel Heaven Sent



Seems befitting that i would start my first blog with this topic, I feel i’m a good friend but have in the recent past drifted away from friendships I thought were rock solid, i’m a person who can look at self & say what is it that i’m doing? what do i need to change?
I don’t feel others do this and i don’t think they know the responsibility that comes with being a “FRIEND”


Friendship is a responsibility,

When your life touches another,

you become responsible for the way

You affect that person’s feelings.


Friendship means setting aside

your own troubles and feelings

to take the time to listen.


It means helping whenever possible,

Even if its an inconvenience

Or a burden to you.


Friendship request strength,

Patience and understanding.


But more than anything else


~Angel Heaven Sent